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How innovation shall drive the outcomes of PAS 2080

Tim Embley, group innovation and knowledge manager, discusses how innovation shall drive the outcomes of PAS 2080.

Richard Howell, Costain

PAS 2080: The Implications for Procurement

Richard Howell, group head of supply chain, discusses the implications of PAS 2080 for procurement.

Dan Rennison, Costain

PAS 2080: The Implications for Design

Dan Rennison, head of design management, discusses the implications of PAS 2080 for design.

Tony Scutt, Costain

Transforming the Road Network

The decision by the UK government to set up the National Infrastructure Commission in October of last year is a strong signal that the country is taking a longer-term view in terms of improving nationally significant infrastructure while at the same time providing greater certainty for those of us involved in making those improvements happen.

Adrian Jones, Costain

A Spotlight on Hazards, Risk and Process Safety

Identifying major hazards and managing their associated risk is a significant challenge for organisations operating in industrial sectors, and this includes Costain. As a designer, constructor and operator of plants and processes in high hazard sectors such as oil and gas, nuclear, chemicals and rail, Costain has a responsibility to ensure that we do not cause major or significant harm to people or the environment.

As an industry, carbon is an area that we really need to get to grips with.

The infrastructure sector accounts for more than 50% of the UK’s CO2 emissions, and if we do not adopt low carbon best practice, the UK will not meet its commitment of an 80% reduction by 2050.

What is the key to a safe and great place to work?

At Costain we understand that for our business to be successful it has to operate sustainably over the long term. To do that, we need a workforce that is safe, well-motivated, productive, and who feel enthusiastic and passionate about what we do.

Introduction To Demand Response

Introduction To Demand Response

National Grid is responsible for managing the flows of electricity to homes and businesses in the UK on a real-time basis, to do this they must match, or balance, the consumption of electricity with supply every moment of the day.

That's A Wrap

Costain’s Luke Richardson has just finalised the first TEDx event to be held in Cumbria.

How can business get young people into work?

The power industry is facing some big challenges over the next five to 15 years. With almost half of the UK’s energy and utility workforce expected to retire by 2023, we actively need to be attracting enough younger people into the sector with qualifications in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to fill the skills gap.